Introducing the Funko Pop Marvel Collector Corps Eternals Box – a must-have for any Marvel enthusiast! Dive into the cosmic world of the Eternals with this exclusive collection that brings together iconic characters and limited-edition merchandise. Unbox the magic with the following features:
Key Features:

  • Eternals Group T-shirt (Size 3XL): Flaunt your allegiance to the powerful Eternals with an exclusive T-shirt featuring a dynamic design showcasing the entire Eternals group. The shirt is not just a statement; it’s a fashion-forward celebration of Marvel’s cosmic heroes.
  • Thena Decal: Decorate your belongings with a Thena decal, showcasing the fierce and skilled warrior from the Eternals. Perfect for adding a touch of Eternals flair to your laptop, notebook, or any smooth surface.
  • Badge Pin of the Domo (Eternals Ship): Elevate your collector’s flair with an exclusive badge pin featuring the Domo, the iconic Eternals ship. This intricately designed pin adds a touch of sophistication to your collection and lets you showcase your love for the Eternals universe.
  • Ships in Collector Corps Eternals Box: All these exclusive items are packaged in a specially designed Collector Corps Eternals box, adding an extra layer of excitement to your unboxing experience. The box itself is a collector’s item, featuring artwork and design that complements the Eternals theme.

Exclusive Funko Pop Eternals Figures:

  • #745 Ikaris: Own a limited-edition Ikaris Funko Pop that captures the essence of this powerful Eternal. With meticulous detailing and vibrant colors, this figure is a must-have for any Funko Pop collector or Marvel fan.
  • #746 Kingo: Add the charismatic Kingo to your collection with this exclusive Funko Pop. With his distinctive look and pose, Kingo brings a unique charm to your display, making it a standout piece in your Funko Pop lineup.

Immerse yourself in the epic world of the Eternals with the Funko Pop Marvel Collector Corps Eternals Box – a limited-edition treasure trove for Marvel fans and collectors alike. Secure yours today and elevate your collection to cosmic heights!

Additional information

Weight 1.50 lbs
Dimensions 10.28 × 6.85 × 5.79 in


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