Funko Pop! Marvel: Eternals Collector Corps. Subscription Box

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  • Funko Pop! Marvel Eternals #745 Ikaris Bobble-Head The first Funko Pop! I’ve pulled out from the box is Ikaris, the tactician of the group who is tasked to keep his team and humanity safe
  • Funko Pop! Marvel Eternals #746 Kingo Bobble-Head The next figure features Kingo, the warrior of the group who settled in India to become a famous Bollywood movie star.
  • Decal This decal features the ever-gorgeous Thena! The illustration is Funko inspired, and she looks great and ready to fight those Deviants any time with her spear and shield.
  • Pin The included pin for this month is inspired by The Domo, which is the Eternals ship. It looks simple yet classy with gold accents over a darker shade of blue-green.
  • T-Shirt (SIZE M) Here’s a geeky shirt so you can wear your fandom on your sleeves! It’s in black, and it features the whole Eternals group.


Discover the exclusive world of Marvel’s Eternals with the Funko Pop! Marvel: Eternals Collector Corps. Subscription Box. This limited-edition subscription box is a must-have for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Funko Pop! collectors alike. Have you watched Eternals? This superhero movie was the focus of Marvel Collector Corps in November 2021, and this box is packed full of exclusive merch, including two collectible Funko Pops!, a pin, a decal, and a shirt! It’s a fun way to know about the new heroes of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and a better way to help protect the earth from Deviants.

What’s Included:

  • 2 Exclusive Eternals-themed Funko Pop! figures
  • Decal
  • Pin
  • T-Shirt

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