Zuru 38506 ROBO Alive Crawling Cockroach Series 2, Assorted Designs and Colours

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  • REALISTIC MOVEMENT: These Cockroaches are super fast and move just like a real Cockroach.
  • GLOW IN THE DARK: Turn off the lights and let your Cockroach glow!
  • REALISTIC LOOK: With lifelike wings, antenna, legs and movement, the Robo Alive Cockroach looks just like the real thing!
  • PRANK YOUR FRIENDS: Guarantee a scream from your friends and family when this crawls up on them with super fast, realistic movement.
  • ZURU ROBO ALIVE: Robo Alive features functioning robotic pets, that move and act like they’re real! They’re more than alive – they’re Robo Alive!


Detailed robotic cockroach toy from the Robo Alive collection by Zuru. Activate this creepy crawly and it will scuttle across the floor in an eerily lifelike manner, moving surprisingly fast as it does. What’s more, flick off the light and it will glow in the dark! As part of Zuru’s bestselling Robo Alive range, this impulse-priced line is sure to be in high demand and hugely popular.

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