Under Armour (UA) Braces Youth 11+/- Strapped Mouthguard w/ ARMOURFIT | Blue

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  • Available in Youth (ages 8-12), proudly made in the USA by Under Armour.
  • UA Braces, an orthodontic mouthguard crafted by dental experts for lasting protection.
  • Customize your fit effortlessly by microwaving for 45 seconds or boiling for 30 seconds, then biting down for a tailored feel.
  • Engineered with Armourfit Technology, ensuring a snug, comfortable fit that molds seamlessly to your teeth.
  • Experience easy breathing and communication, backed by a $32,000 dental warranty.
  • Made in USA Under Armour UA ArmourFit Braces Mouthguard With Strap. Color: Blue R-1-1251-Y


Introducing the Under Armour (UA) Braces Youth ages 11+/- Strapped Mouthguard with ARMOURFIT Technology in Blue. Engineered by dental professionals, this orthodontic mouthguard offers unparalleled protection and comfort.

Crafted from Under Armour’s innovative ArmourFit material, this mouthguard molds effortlessly to your teeth, providing a secure and comfortable fit reminiscent of a dentist’s custom design.
With the UA Braces Mouth Guard, customization is key – it’s microwaveable, boilable, and re-fittable, ensuring an optimal fit for your individual needs. Its chew-resistant construction enhances durability, while its design promotes easy breathing and talking, making it ideal for athletes in all contact sports.

Don’t compromise on safety or comfort – choose the UA Braces Mouth Guard for a dentist-like fit and lasting protection.

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