Rainbocorns-Sweet Shake Surprise-Series 2 Jelly Shake Surprise Mailer Box by ZURU

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All new Rainbocorns Talkin’ Jelly Shake surprise are a sweet-scented treat with so many layers! Find all 6 new Speak & Repeat characters including Hippocorn and Koalacorn in their adorable jelly shake egg. Press their music note button to get chatting or hear the cutest Rainbocorn sounds! Swirl and squeeze their jelly hearts, and even make your own jelly-tastic jewellery with Boo-Boocorn charms!

  • RAINBOCORNS TALKIN’ JELLY SHAKE SURPRISE: Rainbocorns that talk back! Press their music notes once to hear the cutest Rainbocorns sounds or press twice and speak, your Rainbocorn repeats what you say in the cutest voice! What secrets will you spill to your new BFF Rainbocorn?
  • SWEET-SCENTED JUST LIKE JELLY: These 6 cute Rainbocorns hatch with the yummiest scents just like Grape & Strawberry. Which candy-licious flavor will your new Jelly Shake Rainbocorn be?
  • MAGICAL JELLY HEART: Pop your unique jelly sparkle heart into your Rainbocorn’s belly! Swirl, squeeze and squish it around for a sparkly treat, or pop it off and wear it as your own shiny accessory in your hair, on your bag or anywhere!
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES 1x Giant Egg Cup, 1x Electronic Rainbocorn with Jelly Heart Accessory, 1x Boo-Boocorn Charm, 1x Collector’s Guide, 1x Pack Jelly Slime, 1x Length Necklace String, 1x Pack Beads

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