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  • GET READY FOR A PARTY: Work together to help Gabby get ready for a meow-mazing party! This game is for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up, and only takes 30 minutes to play.
  • A GAME OF FRIENDSHIP: Roll the dice, move around the board, decorate rooms, & collect charms every time you roll a cat on the die! Add your charms to your kitty headband as you go. The player with the most charms at the end wins and gets the special heart charm!
  • BASED ON THE SHOW: Is your kid obsessed with Gabby’s Dollhouse? Look no further for fun Easter gifts for kids- the game board looks just like the actual doll house!
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  • Includes 1 dollhouse game board, 1 roof gameboard, 1 elevator cab, 12 room cards, 3 punch sheets (41 charms, 4 movers), 2 dice, 1 plastic Meow Meow Delivery dice shaker, 4 wearable plastic headbands, 4 plastic mover stands, instructions
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Step into the magical world of Gabby’s Dollhouse with the Meow-mazing Board Game from Spin Master Games! Designed for kids and families, this engaging and colorful board game brings all the fun and excitement of Gabby’s Dollhouse to your tabletop. Perfect for preschoolers and kids ages 4 and up, this game encourages imaginative play and family bonding.


  • Exciting Gameplay: Join Gabby and her adorable kitty friends in a race to collect charms and complete room cards. Navigate through the dollhouse using the unique elevator cab and uncover surprises in every room!
  • Interactive Fun: The Meow-mazing Board Game offers hands-on play with wearable plastic headbands and a Meow Meow Delivery dice shaker, adding a tactile element to the fun.
  • Vibrant Design: With a beautifully illustrated game board and colorful components, this game captures the charm and whimsy of Gabby’s Dollhouse, making it visually appealing to young players.
  • Family-Friendly: Easy-to-follow instructions and simple gameplay make this game perfect for family game nights, fostering teamwork and friendly competition among players of all ages.

What's in the Box:

  • 1 Dollhouse Game Board
  • 1 Roof Game Board
  • 1 Elevator Cab
  • 12 Room Cards
  • 3 Punch Sheets (41 Charms, 4 Movers)
  • 2 Dice
  • 1 Plastic Meow Meow Delivery Dice Shaker
  • 4 Wearable Plastic Headbands
  • 4 Plastic Mover Stands
  • Instructions

Why Choose Gabby’s Dollhouse Meow-mazing Board Game?

Spin Master Games is renowned for creating engaging and educational games for children. The Gabby’s Dollhouse Meow-mazing Board Game continues this tradition, offering a delightful experience that blends fun and learning. It’s the perfect way to bring the beloved Gabby’s Dollhouse characters and adventures to life in your home.

Perfect Gift for Young Fans:

Whether for a birthday, holiday or just because, the Gabby’s Dollhouse Meow-mazing Board Game makes an excellent gift for young fans of the show. Encourage creativity, imagination, and quality family time with this enchanting and entertaining board game.

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