Altec Lansing RockBox – Waterproof, Wireless, Bluetooth Speaker, Floating, IP67, Portable Speaker, Strong Bass, Rich Stereo System

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  • IP67 rated: Waterproof, snowproof, dirtproof!
  • Battery life: Impressive 12 hours of lithium-ion battery life
  • Built-in USB smartphone charger: Charge your devices in a flash and on the go
  • Illuminating 5 LED lights: Feature combinations to match your music playlist
  • House party pairing: Pair up to 50 house party-enabled speakers together


The Altec Lansing RockBox will amplify your sound and electrify the party. Thanks to 24-watt RMS, the RockBox will deliver a powerful booming sound that will be sure to impress. Featuring up to 12 hours of battery life and a built-in smartphone charger, you and the music will keep going! The RockBox features House Party pairing, so go ahead and pair up to 50 House Party-enabled speakers together for the ultimate surround sound. Plus, this speaker is IP67 waterproof rated, so a spontaneous rain shower will never interrupt the good times. Soaking wet and need to order a pizza? with Just Ask, you can access Siri or Google Voice Assistant via Bluetooth by a simple vocal command all while remaining hands-free!

Built-in carrying handle, Rugged,

  • Stop, drop, ready to rock. The RockBox is the ultimate party speaker – guaranteed to keep the party fueled for hours! This speaker will electrify the party!
  • Ultimate on-the-go companion. Bring your RockBox along, built-in carry handles make portability simple! Not sure what the elements will bring? No problem, IP67 waterproof rating will keep you rocking even in the worst weather conditions.
  • Power up the party. The RockBox is loaded with long battery life to keep the music pumping throughout the entire listening session. Built-in USB charging port will keep your Bluetooth devices powered up so your music won’t stop!
  • House party pairing. Pair up to 50 house party enabled devices to multiply the sound. Keep one RockBox speaker next to the pool and another by the grill – ensure that there is never a music free zone during your next house party.

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Weight 3.22 lbs
Dimensions 14.06 × 7.56 × 7.40 in


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