I Need a New Butt! Game Based on The Book with Butt Popper & Butt Cheek Tiles

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  • HAVE A CRACKING GOOD TIME: Inspired by the best-selling book by Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird, this hilarious 2-4 player card game for ages 5 and up makes a great funny gift for anyone who likes to laugh.
  • FIND THE PERFECT BUTT: Finding out your butt is broken is a bit of a worry! But think of the possibilities for a new one. Board game cards include cheeky new butts such as “rocket butt”, “robo butt”, and “paintball butt”.
  • HOW TO PLAY: Press the Butt Popper, race around the board, and match Butt Cards! To win, be the first player to collect all of your matching butt cheeks on your New Butt! cards.
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  • Includes 1 Gameboard, 1 Butt Popper, 4 Butt Movers, 24 Butt Tiles, 4 Butt Holder Cards, 12 New Butt! Cards, Instructions
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Get ready for a belly full of laughs with "I Need a New Butt! The Game," the hilarious family game inspired by the best-selling book by Dawn McMillan and Ross Kinnaird. Perfect for kids ages 5 and up, this 2-4 player card game will quickly become a favorite in your home.

In this wacky game, players discover their butts are broken—what a worry! But don’t fret, the fun lies in finding the perfect new butt. With cheeky options like “rocket butt,” “robo butt,” and “paintball butt,” the possibilities are endless.

Featuring the hilarious Butt Popper and Butt Cheek Tiles, gameplay begins by pressing the Butt Popper. Race around the board and match Butt Cards to be the first to collect all the matching butt cheeks for your New Butt! card.

Ideal for family game night, this game will have everyone, from young kids to adults, rolling on the floor laughing. It’s the perfect gift for birthdays and holidays, whether you're looking for 5-year-old girl toys or toys for 6-year-old boys.

No matter your age, have a cracking good time with "I Need a New Butt! The Game" from Spin Master Games!

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